Impact of Television and Video on the Young Minds

‘Nature and nature’s laws lay hid in night God said “Let the discover be” and all was light’

Impact of Television

Impact of Television

In the 16th century, Galileo discovered the constancy of pendulum’s swing and the uniform acceleration of falling bodies and Newton discovered the laws of mechanics and gravity. And then, in 1926 John Loggie Baird of Scotland, gave the first public demonstration of a television image and made the first transatlantic transmission in 1928, creating a much better aspect of life for the human civilization. What kind of psychology is being held by those who hold such speculation for the fact that television and video are corrupting young minds? Why is it becoming a trend to explore the darker side of the moon while the brighter side is facing us itself.

Fingers can be raised via tirades against the so called indecency in television and videos, but it must be noted that the film industry in India is based upon profit making motive, and they are bounded to attain such an attitude due to inceease in video piracy. It is the Indian population which is encouraging the video piracy. It is their choice that the producers are compelled to screen, and if it is untrue then why decent movies like Khamoshi in 1996, Asoka in 2001 and Swades in 2004 stumbled at the box office. Criticism is not the only solutions of such problems, we need pragmatic.

Let us talk about the electronic media. Can a news broadcast ever corrupt a young mind. It is rather a blessing for the young generation. Besides providing the essential information about our country affairs, international news, weather forecast, it also provides employment. As far as the mainstream broadcasting is concerned, the majority of India’s population watches Doordarshan. It is a tutor for villagers that displayed educating programs like ‘Krishi Darshan’ for farmers, ‘Gyan darshan’ for students.

It broadcasts edifying advertisements that air Amitabh Bachhan, Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan, pleading to the nation for the eradication of polio and tuberculosis.viewers get thrilled with patriotic emotions when they see A.R Rehman singing ‘Vande Matram’,they get to know about a natural clamity and come forward to help the affected by it.

All this is ossible just because of great inventions like television and vedio.It is praiseworthy discovery of a great pioneer which is a blessing in disguise.Let us smell the fragrance and not cunt the thorns of a beautiful flower.After all,

If there are laws ,there will be crime,

To remove the flaws,we need some time.

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